1-On Love

Jeshua on Love

  ………..There is no reality but God’s Reality, which is Love.  Now, Love means many things when one believes in multiplicity.  It means forgiveness, compassion, mercy, gentleness, kindness, caring.  But these definitions have no meaning when you are standing in the Presence of Love, which is what you are, and just letting yourself extend That.  Then Love is a smile, a touch, a gentle whisper or a loud roar of a laugh.  It might be a bowl of soup.  It might be making someone’s bed for them in the morning.  It could be a number of things, but It is always a gift.  It is always a gift to what appears to be someone else.  But, if you will notice, as you are gifting it you feel wonderful.  There is no sacrifice.  There is no manipulation for something to be received in return……….

 ………..And as you give of the blessing of love, so will you receive it more and more.  So will you thank each one who has called for love from you, that you may give it to them; that you may remember it for yourself…………

 ………..The day will come in each and every mind when you will see that resisting the truth of who you are is the hardest thing you have ever done. You will simply begin to let it go, just like dropping heavy weights that you’ve been carrying and suddenly give yourself permission to put down and rest a moment.  Beloveds, let it go.  When you remember to just let go of the burden of holding yourself separate, you will feel peace come over you.  And when a brother appears before you holding himself or herself in that resistance, you don’t need to do anything to fix them or to help them really, but to simply choose to let go yourself.  As you let go of your resistance, peace will find its way to them…….

  © 1998 Karen Langley        (Blog Ref: TG-105)


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