Jeshua’s Call to Living in the NOW!

There is an immediacy, if you will, to begin to live in the Present or The Now.  This is very misunderstood and so a clarifying message may be helpful.

You exist only Now, Only in the Present within God’s Presence.  Time is not real, and although it can be useful for learning how to overlook error and remember Our Father, time must be seen as a tool ONLY!  For when you perceive that time allows you the leisure of putting off remembrance into the next hour, next day, next year, etc., you are relinquishing your inheritance from God.

God can only be remembered NOW!  For as you bring His awareness into your mind, you are thus brought into the NOW also, for He does not live with you in time as you believe you do.  He is in ALL things appearing in time, but to know Him is to know Him only NOW.  This Now is eternal and extends vertically rather than horizontally as one might perceive the words immortal or forever to imply.  To be eternal IN YOUR OWN MIND is to realize that although appearing in time/body as a teaching device is useful to help remind the Sonship of Itself, you are NOT what is appearing.  You are Eternal with our Father/Creator and with all His Creations right NOW…..even though you seem to have forgotten.
In the Eternal you are joyous and your peace has no limits nor boundaries.  Your Love, being of His Love, radiates brighter than the sun and is a light that cannot be described in earthly terms.  In the Eternal there is only One, and all are seen as precious and blessed.   To see in this way shows you that because there is Only Love, that all things and beings are held safely within It’s gentle embrace and there is no need to worry about anything or anyOne.

Can you imagine seeing this way?  Would you like to?  Then you must find The Presence within You and Live within It!  What is the obstacle to this?  Grievance, judgment in it’s many forms—sorrow, anger, poverty, war, guilt/shame, sickness, death, etc.  All these appearances of grievance keep you in time’s grip, dangling and afraid that the past will become the future where you await escape only through death.  This picture of yourself is terrifying indeed!

By choosing NOT TO BE THIS, a body in time awaiting some kind of ‘justice’ to end your grievance, you are willing to be as you are NOW, and that NOW is all you would have extended eternally.  My certainty for you is infallible.  You are a drop of radiant Light that bathes a universe in Love’s Essence of rapturous Joy and Divine peace.  But, when you make yourself a body, in time, struggling through an hour, a day, a year, a lifetime, you cannot experience what you are NOW.
I assure you that if you simply sweep the mind clean of all thoughts about anything and anyone, for just this moment, you will have an experience of the Eternal Presence of Love that you ARE and that you share with every living being.  If fear comes to lure you away, remember that you are inviting only a moment of Presence to still you in Her Peace.  Brush fear away as a pestering insect and nothing more.  Have your moment in Presence and you will know that it is easier than you made it out to be, and as you return to time, you will laugh at it’s apparent hold over you and will merrily be on your way.

Why is there an immediacy to practice this?  The question seems quite silly in The Now, but in the dream many are fearful of and planning for an ‘end of the world’ with much evidence, it seems, to justify their fearful worries and plans for survival.  THIS IS NONSENCE!  No one is at Home in a dream, and no one wishes to remain in it no matter how they may pretend to defend doing so.  ALL illusions are nonsence–none more than another, but you can only perceive this in The Now of your Eternal Self that God created and Loves still.

The more of you who can know This and live in This Now, the better for the Child of Love longing to come Home.  Be The Light of This Home, The Presence, so that dreaming ones will feel how close their real Home is through You.  Beckon through Your True Presence, demonstrating that fear can be laughed away with ease, for as the remembrance of Love’s Presence returns in Your Mind, fear will be seen as not to have ever existed at all.

Avoid engagement in thoughts about an ‘ending world’ and live as One Who Knows that ALL IS WELL beyond appearances and that they have no power in your sane Mind.  You are the Truth of Love that God created Eternally perfect and safe with Him.   Be as One with Him in the timeless NOW and all else will fall away.

Carry no judgment and if you are not in peace, know you must let go of a grievance.  The way is easy because it is already True and eternally completed NOW.  Glimpse often this Eternal Now of Love and you will lose all doubt that there is anything else you could want!

Thank you Father that Your Will is done and that Your Will is Our Love for You and Yours for Us!  

Eternally NOW!!  

© 2011 Karen Langley


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