The Dance

Dearest Ones,

Be not concerned with anything but The Real.  This cannot be learned from a book although books can shine like a light from a lantern, because one who has already made the journey and is showing you that it is safe—even fun!!!  Rest in Divine Love!!!  Let IT cradle you as the dear child that you are—as everyone is, but to some the dream still holds appeal.  There is no judgment from the Father and His Heaven, but when this dear child wants freedom from the pain of his dream, the Father sends helpers to encourage and support and share remembrance.

The sweet ‘vibration’ of all Creation dances around one who chooses for remembrance!!!  Dance along when you feel so compelled !!!  Step into the dance and you will feel IT for IT has been reaching for you ever since you began dreaming that you are separate from IT.  In Reality there is a dance that began in Divine Joy and will continue eternally without any recall of a brief (and truly non-existent) dream of being separated from Love Itself—-Love’s Creator and the Created—forever One in Joy!!

Be in peace, then, for it is approaching Reality in Peace that you remember IT’S Peace.  When you are frightened and all manner of fear appears as anger, sadness, judgment of self and others, etc., ask The Comforter to restore you to Peace so that you may remember Peace instead of fear.   Dance as you drift off to sleep, as you sit to meditate, as you prepare your meals……feel the Divine Dance that is IN YOU already!!!

Your Loving Brother Forever,

 © 2010 Karen Langley   (Blog Ref: TG-108)


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