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Norbert’s Learning Tools for Forgiveness

Jeshua’s words never need clarification and this is not an attempt to do so.  Nevertheless, we can probably agree that we all do learn in different ways.  I have found that in the midst of the attack and defense “scene,” it is most difficult to proceed calmly.  I thought it might be helpful for me to share with you one approach I have found useful, something easy to remember in order to practice what Jeshua is gave us in his address on Forgivenss in the page entitled “Jeshua on Forgiveness.”  For me, that involves breaking down Jeshua’s message into simple steps that I can easily recall under stress.  In this case, I assume that you have read Jeshua’s teaching and are clear on what it provides you, what it calls for and that you desire to master forgiveness. 

So, by way of a brief review, let us remember that when your awareness registers a perceived attack upon yourself or someone else, either by yourself or by someone else, you do need to forgive because you believe that you have judged.  Despite the fact that you have NOT judged in Reality, you MUST forgive to RESTORE YOUR OWN PEACE because in this world of illusion, you believe at some level that you have judged yourself or someone else.  Therefore, in this world, you must practice forgiveness to remember that your own Reality is one of a Love that has no opposite.  Jeshua is saying that forgiveness is the act of giving the perceived problem to the One who can truly resolve it and is the way that WILL eventually lead us to remembering the Truth of what we are in Reality.  Of course, to effectively “give it over,” we must then quickly drop it from our mind.  Breaking this teaching down to a series of steps can look like this:

Step 1.  PERCEIVING THE PROBLEMRemember that the appearance (of attack) is false, in other words, it is NOT happening.  Therefore, you must be dreaming that an attack is happening.  The more immediately that you can remember the fact that this is a dream, the more quickly you will learn to respond to all appearances of attack in this way—in other words, your response will be to remember that you are dreaming.

Step 2.  GIVE IT OVER TO THE HOLY SPIRIT (THE ONE WHO CAN TRULY RESOLVE IT)—Ask for healing.  In doing so, you are requesting the correction of your mis-perception, the healing of your mind and accepting At-One-Ment for yourself and for those involved.

Step 3.  DROP IT FROM YOUR MIND—When you feel even a small amount of peace come over you, then proceed to address the situation.  That peace is your signal from the Holy Spirit, from your Christ Self, that you are being inspired, protected and guided in the way you will deal with the situation.  You can therefore proceed in confidence that the most appropriate solution for everyone involved will manifest.  Alternatively, you may find that once you have declared At-One-Ment (with a Loving God) for yourself, the problem will have slipped away without any need for further involvement.

So here is a SUMMARY of these quick steps to fall back upon the moment you perceive an attack situation and that forgiveness is the response required:

1.  PERCEIVE THE PROBLEM…Remember that the appearance (of attack) is false and that you are dreaming.

2.  GIVE IT OVER TO THE HOLY SPIRIT…Ask for healing and accept At-One-Ment for yourself and for those involved.

3.  DROP IT FROM YOUR MIND …When you feel even a small amount of peace, proceed to address the situation, if it is still required.


© 2010 Norbert Belanger   (Blog Ref: F-103)

If you found this helpful to enhance your learning, there are more forgiveness learning tools under the heading “Building a Strong Attitude of Forgiveness.”


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