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“Q & A for Jeshua,” a New Feature added to JESHUA’S GEMS blog.  In October of 2010, Jeshua invited members of our Course Group to submit questions to him which he would answer in the blog.  Now readers of this blog may ask a question directly of Jeshua.  To ask him a question, simply scroll down to “Leave a Reply,” and pose the question in the area provided.  Please do not ask a question of a personal nature or issue.  Rather, the issue should address a topic about anything worldly or ‘other worldly’ and which you feel most readers of the blog could relate to.  Karen Langley will communicate your question or issue to Jeshua and his reply will be posted in a new page with an appropriate title.   The author of this blog reserves the right to ignore issues or questions that may tend to abuse this offer.


9 thoughts on “Q & A for JESHUA

  1. Could you please shed some light on the question of people who are “walk-ins” as I have a difficult time explaining that to my friends who ask. Thank you.

    • Dear Mary,
      Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding. I can assure you we will be more aware of incoming questions in the future. That being said, I do feel you will think it well worth the wait. BTW, Jeshua always ends his responses or messages thru Karen with an ‘Amen.’
      Love eternal, Norbert

      Now, here is the long awaited response to your questions. First, let me set the stage so the response is completely understood. In his response to you, Jeshua refers to a reply he made to a previous question.

      Here is J’s reference, along with the question submitted by another brother: Is it possible, when we are on the flip-side of this world (in between bodily incarnations), to become awaken?
      J’s reply to this is: The question you ask implies that you believe that there are bodies and that there are incarnations into which bodies come and go. You are also saying that you believe there is a ‘space’ absent of bodies into which ones go in between these incarnations of bodies. As your Brother, I would advise you to question these beliefs rather than concerning yourself with questions regarding the body which is a dream. The body is dreamed in order that one may feel confused about One’s True Identity which is The Christ. The dreamed-of body can be used by the Holy Spirit to extend the Truth of a Loving God who has created ONLY like Itself, but the Holy Spirit’s teaching is that you are Spirit and not a body. This is true in every moment. What you see with the bodies eyes and hear with the bodies ears are teaching you falsely. You are not at one moment a body and at another, spirit. The body is nothing but an illusion. As you practice the lessons of ACIM that teach you that you are eternally Spirit and as you understand that This Spirit only exists in timelessness, your mind will come to peace regarding such questions. Brother, there is only NOW that you share eternally with our Loving Father. This NOW, free of all doubts about What You Are may seem mysterious, but it is actually very, very clear to You within The Holy Mind that has never left you and that you have never left. Allow this Holy Mind to guide you Home.

      With that as understood as an integral part of his reply, let us turn to your question and his response:
      Could you please shed some light on the question of people who are “walk-ins” as I have a difficult time explaining that to my friends who ask. Thank you.


      Please refer to the answer to the second question responded to here regarding the belief in bodies. If you are asking if it is possible for two ‘souls’ to share one body consecutively in time (so as not to waste a body :-), then I must say that ‘all things are possible.’ What is truly important here though is that you apply as little belief to the body as possible, especially if you are explaining something to another. Remember that you teach what you would remember yourself. What you would remember is that no one is the body they appear to be in and that they are the Spirit of Love extended by LOVE ITSELF! If you find yourself feeling compelled to speak of something you are not certain about, then do not speak. Speak only of that which you are certain of…that which has been revealed Within You Own Spirit.

  2. I’d like to ask J if he has suggestions regarding how to resolve the underlying or primal guilt of our imagined rebellion/separation from God. Realizing that each disturbance of my peace is a reflection of that guilt, I try to see past the so-called “other’s” cry for love to the Christ. My life has become more peaceful as a result, but the very fact that I still seem to walk this earth tells me I’m still holding onto that guilt. I think I still fear God’s judgment because I still first judge then struggle to release the judgment. But I seem incapable of omitting the step of judging first then seeking Spirit’s assistance in releasing that judgment.

    • Personal from Karen Langley, 12.4.11

      Dear Jo….thank you for your very well-articulated question. Norbert and I accept that Jeshua is the Christ Mind that we share with you and with everyOne, and that the questions that come to us are led by Him, as well as, the answers. These are ‘the assignments’ that are spoken of in ACIM. So, thank you for following The Voice to ask the question that we also needed to hear the answer to! It is our delight to meet you this way and to share Our Oneness with you.
      You will find Jeshua’s reply to your question just below the dashed lines.

      In Christ,
      Karen and Norbert

      Sun, Dec 4, 2011 reply to Jo Williams from J….

      Beloved Friends,

      Do you walk the earth? Are you a body that does this?

      The Christ is an extension of God’s Love, not as a body walking on an earth, but as a whole and complete Thought of Love Itself. You are This Thought.

      A body appearing to walk or not walk, appearing to fly or jump, appearing to roll or bend, you are not this. The Christ that We Are as One is not a body or contained within a body. Bodies appear and disappear. Birth of a body appears to happen, death of a body appears to happen. But, you are NOT the appearance happening. You are not an attractive body or unattractive body; not an old or young body; not a pale-skinned body or dark; not female or male.

      My dear Ones, the body is guilt made ‘manifest’ — a tool for playing out a dream of separation, an almost-convincing actor upon a stage of dramas that seem to come to life from forgetting Reality. The body was made as evidence that the misperception of separation was, in fact, real. Let us be clear. First there is an error in perceiving, ‘I am not one with my Source.’ Then there is evidence of that error appearing — the body. Then there is ‘the life story,’ the dramas played out on a stage with other ‘life stories.’ All this appearing as real to you as the earth you seem to walk on, as real as the body you are determined to maintain and protect.

      Eventually, the maintenance and protection of an error becomes too costly, too laborious and dissatisfying. Then you reach out for a solution to the problem and having never found an answer that truly solves the problem, you arrive at what finally seems futility. Over and over have you tried to fix the problem that a dream of separation appears to make, never once returning to the root of the problem…Until you see that there is no answer ‘out there,’ that even the ‘others’ who seem to have solved the problem for themselves, the enlightened ones as they are called, even they cannot tell you how to solve the appearing problem except to say, ‘there is NO PROBLEM, it is NOT REAL.’ You are told that the mind perceiving a problem is confused, divided within itself, suffering because the appearance seems not to be solvable. At last you will hear, ‘the perception of a problem IS the problem!’

      This confuses you because you have struggled for so, so long, it appears. You are weary and cannot even truly rest because of the nagging sense of guilt that never allows you to truly rest. And when you finally no longer want the thoughts that keep you spinning and toiling for answers to problems that do not truly exist, then do you cease to try and repair your dreaming mind.

      Now, rather than seeking for another hopeful solution, you finally, finally question the problem itself. Perhaps a Friend in a role-playing of ‘teacher’ has guided you to this moment, perhaps not. You may have arrived here because of terror or depression; you may have arrived from exhaustion and illness of the body; you may have arrived from hearing an ancient melody coming to you through a bird’s song or in a child’s laughter, or from a deep breath that you have never taken before now.

      But, you have arrived, this is for certain. This arriving was always inevitable, always meant to happen. You planned it this way. You have finally come back to the choice of whether to believe in a crazy/mad idea or to laugh the mad idea away. You have returned to the starting point where all appearances of problems without solutions began — a choice within your own mind. A choice you make again, but this time you are wise — you have gained a wisdom through your searching and you know that this seeking itself is the problem.

      This time you choose not to believe in dreams of separation, not to feel guilty for a choice that could only be made in that dreaming, a choice that is not really a choice at all because there is nothing to choose for that is not already the whole and complete Self of God’s Love and Eternal Peace. All desire for choice is gone; you want what never left you; you want only to be What You Truly Are as God’s Whole and Complete extension of Love Itself.

      This, my Friends, is the answer to the question. This is how to resolve the underlying guilt of the imagined rebellion and dream of separation from God. Choose NOT to believe in the imagining anymore and the guilt will be gone!


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  4. Hello Again,

    Thank you so much for your response. I believe you are our Higher Self, speaking to what I currently perceive as Jo, so I’d like to continue this thread for further clarification. What jumped out at me first in your response was “the perception of a problem IS the problem.” “Answers to problems that do not exist” popped out next. Projection makes perception, CIM. What I project is my own primal guilt. From this I perceive myriad “problems” that, in Reality, do not exist.

    Intellectually, I get this. I am the Prodigal, afraid to face what I fear will be my Father’s wrath, though I’ve been told, unequivocally, that Abba, first, never judged, and second, will meet me at the “gate” with open arms and indescribable bliss.

    The “brain” that I call intellect, however, does not exist. So, in fact, I don’t really “get it.” I am not a body. I’m not behind my eyes or between my ears. I’m not in my physical heart. “I am a thought in the mind of God.” God Is All There Is. God Is Love. God Is Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience. I believe this is true. So when I “call out to God in my heart” to wake me to my Truth, I don’t understand why I “wake” looking up at the ceiling of my bedroom.

    Yes, I know there is no “place” to go. I’m speaking of experience. I don’t know why I always feel You give me “double-speak,” but I do. You understand human language. Please, don’t give me iambic pentameter. Please, speak to me as you would speak to a little child who truly wants to understand.


    • Dear Jo,
      I just became aware of your comment of the 29th. Karen has been very occupied of late and is still in the midst of visits from family and friend(s). She asked me to convey to you that she will pose your comments to Jeshua as soon as she is free to do so. I don’t expect that to be a long delay, but I did want to ackowledge your reply to Jeshua. Hang in there. Everything is really as it should be. Know you are being supported and comforted, even though it may not be apparent to you at this moment.
      Peace and love,

  5. January 30, 2012
    The first part of this response is a personal note from Karen to Jo. It is followed by Jeshua’s message. Your questions are deeply appreciated and I am sure this series will be helpful to anyone who comes upon it. Please let us know if there is anything further that we can help with. Blessings and peace in all ways. Norbert

    Dear Jo,

    You could not have known that I was taking a break from the blog when you came upon it and asked your questions. Both your questions reflected some of my own frustrations and the need to understand better why the awakening seems to have so many twists and turns, often ending up in the exact same place and needing to forgive the same thing that I was certain I already did forgive just days or weeks before!

    For myself and for Norbert, we have been finding comfort in the teaching in ACIM that ‘the script is written’ and that implies, not only that we are not in charge of our remembrance, but that also, it is certainly completed within us already. In the workbook of ACIM, lessons #158 and #169 address this, as does the text in chapter 30, section VII, The New Interpretation.

    I did, as well, take the time today to write this message to us from Jeshua. Perhaps it will be helpful to you:

    Beloved Friends,

    I remind you that your true Home is in God’s Love right now. If the ‘ceiling of the room’ is still appearing real in a dream, then it must be in the Holy Spirit’s Plan for Remembrance. Simply remember that you are trusting and following the already-written script that is truly the best and only way to complete, unequivocal remembrance.

    It is the ego’s ‘plan’ that frustrates you and makes doubt appear real leaving you sad or afraid, angry and unforgiving. Stop looking at the ceiling appearing, or the walls, or wallets for that matter. Look only to the glorious certainty that we but undertake a journey that is already over. The script is written and it’s goal of ending doubt has been set. We all, including myself — the temporary appearance of Jeshua/Jesus — have been called to play our parts perfectly and we have answered with a joyous, ‘Yes!’

    When the ‘ceiling’ appears, give thanks for another day of overlooking a dream that never was; give thanks that you play a small but certain part in the Plan of Remembrance for All; give thanks that The Christ in you goes out to meet The Christ in All; give thanks for your glad heart that rushes to meet this day’s happy dream of remembrance and of joining in The Christ with Itself.


  6. Hi, my name is dylan.
    There is a part in ACIM which reads “Love does not conquer all things, but it does set all things right”.
    I’d like to ask Jeshua, what this phrase actually means because if God is Love, isnt He able to conquer all things?
    (Im not sure if this is the right place to ask questions, if it isnt, can you reply to me at dylansuppiah@yahoo.com)

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