2-On Relationships

The following is a response from Jeshua to a friend about her partner for whom she feels only unconditional love, even in the face of problems that often seem too difficult to resolve:

“The purpose of all relationships in time is to remember Our Father’s Love.  The Love that cannot die, cannot become less or more,  cannot leave or separate Itself from you.  So also is it True then that this Love cannot be ‘given’ to you or given ‘back’ to you.   This Love has never been apart from you and the Holy Spirit has saved the awareness of It for you.  When you want this more than dreams of separation, It will be remembered fully.

Your brother, as yourself, is in the likeness of God’s Love and through loving your brother you can remember the Greater Love.  Your dedication to God is showing up as unconditional Love for your brother, which IS the natural state of Real Love.  Be glad to love then as you do because it is restoring the total awareness of Love’s Presence IN you…..

© 2010 Karen Langley   (Blog Ref: TG-106)

1 thought on “2-On Relationships

  1. Wow! this is sooo beautiful! I am so grateful to see this online!


    Thanks be to you, Norbert & Karen!

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