Rest Now

Let remembrance speak to you.
Seek it not for it is with you already.
Be still, listen, and you will hear!
Let Love be in you now.
Seek it not for it is you already.
Be still, feel, and you will know It. 
Be quiet now in this Remembrance of Love.
Rest awhile here.
Let your peace deepen, your certainty be sure.
Then and only then can you give as I give –
Wholly and without strain.
                only then
      Will you give Love
                gladly and
      Rest now.                   Amen.

© 1998  Karen  Langley             Blog Ref: P-101


Would You?

Oh friend,
          would you come and sit awhile beside me;
          would you come and dance with me amidst the angel’s song.
Oh friend,
           would you come and tell me of your joys, your sorrows;
           would you let me show you how Lovely is your Light.
Oh friend,
           would you let me touch your heart so softly
                         that it would
            and spill…….
            golden seeds…..
                    of radiant…..
                              the world…..
Oh friend,
             would you?       

© 1998  Karen Langley             Blog Ref: P-102


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