PRAYERS given by Jeshua  

 Through the years, many prayers have been inspired by the Holy Spirit or given by Jeshua to Karen and/or her students. They are given here in support of strengthening the corrective principles given in The Course. We hope you will find some of them beneficial and useful.  

STARTING the DAY, or at any time.  

“Holy Spirit lead the way, making clear for me today
Everything I do and everything I say.
Let me be still and listen to the Truth, for I am a messenger of God today.
My voice is God’s Voice, that I may give as I receive!”
    (Blog Ref: PFJ 201)  


 Keeping in mind that Jeshua said you will see miracles through your hands, through his, begin each day with this prayer:  

“Jeshua, help me to perform whatever miracles you want of me today. I also accept all the miracles you offer me, today.” Add if you wish: “Jeshua, I accept you as the GATEKEEPER, so that only that which is truly of Light and Love be allowed to enter my mind.”  (Blog Ref: PFJ 202)  


Stop for a moment from time to time and remember this:  

 I am the Holy Presence of Love in this moment.   

 I am the Holy Presence of the Son of God.  I am the Christ and I do not know what that means, but I am willing to be shown.  I am willing to know nothing and to be given everything.  I will seek no longer, no longer through the means of the world.  I will not seek through magical ways.  I will listen specifically to my brother and to his teachings, for I have brought myself before this altar of truth.  I will, instead of choosing to have all that I think I need come to me through magical ways, I will be miracle minded, instead of magical minded.  I will understand that miracles are intercessions, so to speak, of right mindedness and right mindedness includes abundance, it includes forgiveness, it includes health and healing, it includes patience with my family, it includes loving and forgiving exchanges with my spouse, it includes kindness to all my brothers and sisters in the world, it includes me totally in it.  I deserve miracles. Miracles are the way that I now discover myself.     © 1998 Karen Langley     (Blog Ref: PFJ 203)    


FAMILY DECICATIONAn exercise with your spouse or partner.  Take the other by the hand and each repeat:  

“Father, I AM your child. Into Your hands I give myself this day.
Father, our children are Your children. Into Your hands I give them this day.
Father, our family belongs to You.  Our family desires only to express the Truth of You.”

Then allow for the Presence of Peace, the Presence of Christ, to descend upon you in that prayer. Simply close, once you have felt that feeling of Light or Peace come upon you, or a release of tears, say:   

“Thank You. I and my Father are One now and so are all my brothers and sisters, One with Him and One with myself.   Amen.”  (Blog Ref: PFJ 204)  



Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in what is most loving for your children in your interactions with them. Always ask the Holy Spirit to go before you.  Ask Jeshua’s Spirit (or that of your favorite saint) to live through you with your children.  Say:   

“Holy Spirit, go before me with my children. Guide me always to think first with love and to interact with them in ways that are the most loving for them. Jeshua (or your chosen saint), I ask that your Spirit live through me with my children.”   (Blog Ref: PFJ 205)  


When feeling tension arising with the children, call upon Jeshua, the Holy Spirit, or your favorite saint and say:   

“Let the spirit of Love be my guide in this moment, now.”             (Blog Ref: PFJ 206)  



Before interacting with another, ask for that one to be a vehicle for the perfection of God. Say:   

“My brother also has within him the wholeness of God. He is the Christ. Let this be a meeting of the Christ in him and the Christ in myself.”  (Blog Ref: PFJ 207)  


Union through the TRIANGLE OF LIGHT    (When you see or meet another, visualize joining at the  third eye, then up to a point or ball of Light, forming a triangle.)   

“With you I share the Christ, and only CHRIST”!   © 1998 Karen Langley      (Blog Ref: PFJ 208)                                                    


All you need do in every instance, no matter what it appears to involve…close your eyes and ask:   

“Holy Spirit, go before me, leading the way. Correct my perception of who I am and what I need in this moment.”  (Blog Ref: PFJ 209)  


Personal Dedication Inspired by the Holy Spirit     

“HOLY SPIRIT, I place my life in Your Hands. I accept Your Protection and Your Miracles, in all ways. Don’t let me try to figure out what is good for me. Instead, help me to trust You completely in all things. Let me not hold onto anything that may bring misery to myself or to others. Finally, let me not be attached to any particular outcome in which I may see myself, but rather help me to see and allow the outcome that you are sending me for my peace and happiness and the peace and happiness of all others involved. I accept that these things are already true and I ask only for help in the acceptance of this.”   © 2005 Karen Langley         (Blog Ref: PFJ 210)                                


Resolution Teaching:  

“I do not want the principle of duality to prevail in my mind.” (This is in alignment with God—i.e., vertical thinking—and therefore the issue will be gone. The “form” the resolution takes depends on how we learn.)   (Blog Ref: PFJ 211)    


In cases of CONFLICT, when you become angry or fretful or grievous, forgive yourself and say:  

“I choose the peace of God, instead. I open to the Holy Spirit right now.”     (Blog Ref: PFJ 212)  


 Prayer to apply certainty to the UNDOING      

Focus on gratitude for being One with God. Allow it to build in you until you are filled with gratitude.  Then say:   

“Thank you Father, for there is no sin.
Thank you Father, for there is no separation.
Thank you Father, for I accept it as undone in time, as it is already undone, out of time in You, and now in me (in all Truth, in all Awareness.)
I let it be undone in this situation as it is in You, already.
No effects of this are real. As it is in You, so it is in me.
     (Blog Ref: PFJ 213)  



“I choose to love everyone, including myself. And this is possible because my Father has already made it so.”  (Blog Ref: PFJ 214)  


“THESE THOUGHTS TOO, are PROGRAMMING that I am allowing to be released from my mind, heart and body. “  (Blog Ref: PFJ 215)  


“I have no use for this. Above all else, I choose the PEACE OF GOD—
I accept the ATONEMENT for myself, now. “
     (Blog Ref: PFJ 216)  


 BLESSING MONEY  (when making any payment,  deposit, etc.)  

 “May God Bless all those whose hands this money passes through.”   

© 2003 Karen Langley (Blog Ref: PFJ 217)


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