Calling forth the Miracle


These are notes Norbert made when trying to remind himself consistently about the nature of healing and miracles.

“Jeshua, help me to perform whatever Miracles you want of me today and know that I welcome and accept the miracles you offer me .”

Remember that Christ is in charge of Miracles. You cannot determine whom or what the miracle is destined for. To consistently call it forth, you must simply want to heal yourself, that is, your mind. In that healing is everyone and everything healed. Remember that everything in the dream is changeable and that the miracle changes only the illusory. “Reality is NOT changeable.” The expression of a miracle is an expression of Love to you , from you, and to all. It brings about a change of perception away from illusion and toward reality, passing through the “happy dream.”

When you see a situation that appears unpleasant, remember that something in your own mind is standing between you and love. Remind yourself you are seeing what is NOT there. At this point, you must ask for help…you must ask for and accept the correction of your misperception. You are therefore asking the Holy Spirit to change your mind, away from illusion. Then, allow the love to manifest, the miracle to express. It is out of your hands because you have given “it” all to the Holy Spirit to deal with. Step back and be grateful you have found a way to return to the remembrance of God.

NOTES to myself in further developing this theme:

If you try to determine, by yourself, under which circumstances you want a miracle to occur, then you have taken it out of the hands of God. You think you know best, right? Remind yourself that it is your mind, your perception, that you want changed. Miracles REQUIRE that you desire healing (for yourself) and that YOU want it. Do not choose what you would have healed. To do so is to remove the freedom of the Holy Spirit to bestow His Gifts upon God’s Son. Thereby do you deny Reality and become the willing slave of what you choose, instead.

Given with love,


(Blog Ref: GR 101) 


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