Shame and Guilt

Dear Ones,

It is not helpful, or even remotely True, that shame and guilt serve any purpose in God’s Kingdom. Would you blame or shame a child for a nightmare she has had and is terrified from upon awakening? Of course not. Why do the same with yourselves?

Love is of Itself completely unaware of anything but LOVE ITSELF. You do not know how to utilize these words and must not pretend to know how. If you did know their True meaning, you would not be in any circumstance that could cause you fear. Surrender or allowance is the only means of approach. Having seemingly forgotten the Truth of Love, you need the Guide given you to remember IT. This should also not be fearful if you can simply trust That Guide to bring you HOME in the most gentle and peaceful way for YOU.

Undoing only seems difficult if you still believe that there can be something sacrificed or if something that you have learned from the world still seems valuable.

When you are afraid or when things seem to be a struggle, you need only ask yourself what it is that you are valuing instead of your Reality. Once it is clear to you, and the Holy Spirit will make it clear to you, then simply ask yourself if this is truly more valuable than the Truth of God’s Love for You and Yours for Him.

Doubt enters every awakening and should not be judged. Acceptance of the FACT that You are as God created You, regardless of all doubt or fear, will bring the remembrance of That Reality closer and closer until there is no longer any appearance of distance—just as there never has been. Be in peace then during this time of awakening for only peace can set you free from dreams of fear. If peace eludes you, then remember something or someone that you love most deeply. Melt into That Love—not the object of love—but Love Itself. Relax there and when you feel a sense of well-being return, you should also be in peace, for Divine Love and Peace are the same.

All is Forever Well.
In loving embrace,

© 2010 Karen Langley (Blog Ref: TG 110)


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