Our Innocence


One morning, Karen woke to this inspired theme, which she shared with her students.

 Okay, there is something I have to say — to me….to me….to me…..

 There is a total acceptance and/or realization that must happen that is beyond mental comprehension.  It is of my complete innocence and of everyone’s complete innocence, precisely because we are dreaming.  It is a realization that sets us free from looking at the effects of ‘our world.’  Until that acceptance/realization occurs, there are two ways I (can) see it.  Either it is just all talk about what’s Real, instead of a sharing of what’s Real; or there is an attempt to do anything, to go anywhere, within ourselves in an effort to root out and have undone those beliefs that hide our innocence.  Now, when we try to act from seeing only the Christ in our brothers before seeing and accepting the innocence within ourselves, we are practicing what our brother teaches us in “The Course.”  And that’s cool.   BUT ‘the innocence’ is synonymous with ‘the Christ’ in ourselves and in our brothers.  To me, to me…in my experience….NOW.

 The “That” of mind/heart that truly set me free from guilt and all suffering from any effects I think I see, is deep, the deepest I could go in the acceptance of my own innocence; in the acceptance of myself as the dreamer of dreams and that I had to go there,  not in guilt, but in the desire to know, without doubt, THE INNOCENCE.  And then He/It set me free.  It is interesting because to accept The Christ in everyone felt much less significant than to the FEEL THE INNOCENCE—-MINE, THIERS, THE DREAM ITSELF — all innocent — truly just a dream…..

 Now I have come to the point of  needing the realization that in that innocence, I am totally lovable…..and not for any other reason made up by my mind, or the world’s mind…or even ‘God’s Mind’ (whatever I could know of that.)  It is for me to accept that He does not see effects, but rather only what He created in Love and extends constantly as Love in everyone’s innocence.  I am glad that He has set me free in this way.  I was tired of talking about the Christ and not knowing It.  I was tired of listening to myself and others talk about what we had not accepted, but trusted was our potential.  I was willing to go anywhere to accept my own innocence and now I am willing to do that with ‘others’….to help them see what I see, feel the freedom of what I feel.  And…I must retreat often in order not to get caught in the dream again — it can be a slippery slope some days.

 BUT, I can and do return now to the indubitable sweetness of INNOCENCE as soon as I let myself rest there, even for just an instant—and even knowing that most folks are not able to go there yet—not because they do not want to, but because of whatever.  Anything I would say at this point would sound like a judgment.  All I know is that when it was time for me to see, I ’saw’.  And I will do anything I am led to do with my brother to help him realize his innocence.  This has turned out for me to be more doable in ‘one on one’ encounters than in ‘groups.’  It seems that in groups, there is a ’study’ mode that just comes into the mind more than an accepting willingness.  I am working on that one now, allowing myself to be a ‘teacher of innocence’ there as well.

 And for me, Innocence has set me free.  There is nothing to grasp, get, feel, or whatever, except the complete lovability of myself by letting myself be ‘delivered from’ any hidden thoughts of un-lovability, which are all…all…all just effects of what I told the world to tell me anyway, regardless of what those effects might be!!!  And I do not feel guilty or struggle with that.  I get it and it is funny and even sweet, because I now find an extremely quick return to innocence (or it finds me.)….I think it is so precisely because it is the return to Love or Truth or The Real.

I hope this helps.

I love you….and hey….I love me too……:-)

© 2004 Karen Langley   (Blog Ref: GR 102) 

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