1a-On Our Father’s Love

“Heaven is not earned but remembered.   And still the ego would teach you the opposite.  It’s guidance will always bring you pain, and it is most painful to believe that you must earn Our Father’s Love.   If such a love even existed it would make a mockery of love itself.  Love can only be Complete Love for everyone and everything at all times and forever.  Your anger and grief that this does not always appear true is a lie also.  You are not angry or sad—you are simply choosing not to remember, but instead to linger in the ego’s grip wanting to believe in lies instead of Truth.

Be not discouraged for that is how the ego guides you.  Be, instead, happy that the time of remembrance is upon you whether it be today or tomorrow, this hour or a moment next year…..this could not matter if you but welcome the embrace of Complete Love now and let IT lead the way to total remembrance.  In Truth the idea that anything Real takes time is re-affirming a belief in time.   Only this moment is Real and in this moment is all the Love you could ever want or need.   Stories of ‘love’ will always hurt you.  Look beyond them to The Real Love that still abides in each and everyone and everything.  Only this will and can make you happy moment to moment until the dream of time is done.

Thank you, Father, that this is so.  Amen


 © 2010 Karen Langley        (Blog Ref: TG-106)


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