Jesus, wayshower for humanity & author of "A COURSE in Miracles"

Jesus, WayShower for humanity & author of “A COURSE in Miracles”

This blog is about “You” and your eternal Oneness with God.  You have never left this Home of Oneness, although it may appear that you have not experienced It.  That appearance is simply the dream of separation from God, which is untrue.  It is that dream that we are all awakening from.  Jeshua’s teachings through all His channels consistently direct us on how to awaken from this illusion, this dream.

This blog is a collaborative product of Jeshua, Karen Langley (formerly Karen Plavin) and Norbert Belanger.  Jeshua, also known as Jesus, is the author of “A Course in Miracles.”   Norbert and Karen are dedicated to this awakening and offer these teachings as assistance toward achieving this goal, the rebirth into the remembrance of eternal Oneness.

Karen began hearing the “Voice of Spirit” in 1986 and found it easiest to simply write what she ‘heard’ as it was being dictated.  Those early teachings prepared her for the study of “A Course in Miracles” (ACIM) and in 1992 the voice she was hearing identified itself to be Jeshua.  Over the years, these teachings have been shared with individuals and groups and, through this blog, are now being made available to anyone interested.  Although His teachings never change, Jeshua restates them in various ways to enhance the learning process.  Karen continues to receive them, many of which will be found here.  In fact, the main idea behind this blog is to provide, under one umbrella, this collection of dictations as complementary teachings to “The Course,” as well as, fulfilling Jeshua’s specific request to share them with a wider audience.  Each unique teaching, dictation or insight is provided within a single post or page.

Karen has asked Norbert, also a long time student of the “Course,” to prepare and manage the blog while she maintains the role of  providing Jeshua’s  messages.  It is our delight to make these messages available to you.

A NOTE OF IMPORTANCE:  It is not our intention to challenge how anyone perceives Jesus, but rather to simply provide what Karen has received under His guidance and as she has perceived Him through “A Course in Miracles” and other internal personal encounters.  Karen and Norbert both know that what we call ‘Jeshua’ is, in fact, the Voice for the Holy Spirit and is also the Christ within ALL OF US.  That Voice comes from what is forever True in each of Us.  It is the same Spirit of Love from which we are birthed, remain in, and return to in the appearance of time.  Furthermore, we understand that beyond the dream of time, we are there NOW as the ONE and ONLY CHILD OF GOD.  This is our REAL state of mind.

Readers are encouraged to discuss the posts and pages in the COMMENTS Section, however we recognize that some may wish to seek personal advice or counsel  from Jeshua through Karen.  Although this was not the original goal of our endeavors here, Jeshua eventually asked us to facilitate his insights available through the Q & A section.   Insight (a reply) may be provided if it is a teaching that can be useful for any or all who visit this blog.


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