3-On Manifestation


The following is a handwritten message from Jeshua, given to Karen Langley in preparation for a class she conducted.

           Beloved friend, an idol by definition is something you give power to outside the self to save you from a perceived threat or to provide for a perceived lack.  All things, persons, places, situations, etc. you idolize are those things you look to (in order) to complete yourself, certain that you are incomplete without them.  This approach and the desire for spiritual awakening, or the remembrance of the Truth of Who You Are, will never work — they are, in fact, diametrically opposed, and in effect, cancel each other out!

 This is why I said you cannot serve God and mammon.  By definition, “mammon” means riches or worldly gain, personified as a false god.  This will be our approach toward money — be not afraid, I am with you and Truth always brings a release from fear, not the reverse.  The ego will resist but Truth is heard most deeply where only real hearing, and therefore healing, can occur!

          In A Course in Miracles, I directly confront all that you make idols of to hide and ignore the Truth or Wholeness about yourself — relationships, of course, health, and now money.  I am gently leading you to a deeper understanding that what you look for to complete yourself, as though you are not already complete, will only cause you frustration and lack of peace where you direct your energy, because you are creating opposites to appear true.  Opposites will never be True, however, because God did not create them; but you will create them out of what you believe to be true.  This is where you might say free will comes in.  There is no opposite to God’s Will in actuality, but you misperceived there was and is, and can continue to choose “freely” to believe what you wish. 

The problem is that when you begin the journey of remembrance you are, in fact, choosing to remember what is already True and must undertake the “undoing” or the release of what is not true — this is what awakening really is.   What Is True and always has been and always will be is True Now.  Your acceptance of this is the key to True Personal Freedom that extends in Holy Relationship, Perfect Wholeness and True Abundance into the world…not because I have “personally” directed it, but because It Just Is

{KL: By accepting the at-One-ment (atonement) for myself, I am accepting all that God created as true, to be true for me now.  True for me, perfect wholeness; true for me, perfect abundance; true for me, perfect peace}   God did not create need.  All His children know already of perfect love and sharing, of the thrill of wholeness, and the peace of perfect safety, without lack.  This is what God created.  This is what Heaven is.  You already know this, but you have closed your eyes to this, pretending something else to be real.  {KL: He’s not saying that we remember it just yet, but he is saying that we know it   And, we are in the process of remembering it.}   This is why co-creation practices, meditations, etc., have had limited value and have been downright frustrating to most of you.  They only reveal half the Truth — you are co-creators with God, but only when you create LIKE God, which is in Love, in Goodness, and in Perfection for All. 

There is no lack of anything in God and in Truth, no lack of anything in you.  But when you practice manifestation principles as though there is limited supply of anything, you have just asked for the Light to shine and then stepped in front of it to block it out, or to make a shadow.  Light filters in but does not flow in and what you see, instead, is the dark outline of the shadow, rather than the Light all around it.  {KL:  If you believe in lack when you ask for “everything,” the fact that you are empowering the idea of lack will cause you to automatically cancel out part of “everything.”}  When it really begins to occur to you that it is by your turning your back on the Light is causing the shadow, you will laugh and say, “let me turn around that I may receive the Light I have asked for; my staring at this shadow (lack, ill health, loneliness, etc.,) has simply been a silly diversion, an error or misperception.  I will turn around now and be warmed and illuminated by The Light as I gently remember that I and This Light are One!” 

          Precious friends, you have simply been mistaken in thinking or believing that you are but a shadow instead of The Light.  Whenever you look upon the shadow, you will see only its limitations.  {KL:  The shadow is your perception of your self as a body and all that you believe the body’s world needs.}  Believing these limitations you will reproduce them. 

The habit of seeing yourself as the shadow instead of The Light must be changed before you can create like God, unlimited and free.   Your conviction to This Will has begun a journey that can take but an instant, but is usually experienced as a great deal of time.  This adds to the powerful perception that turning around is a slow and painful process, taking years to lifetimes when, in Truth, it is but an instant that it truly takes to turn around.  What really takes “the time” is staring at the shadow and realizing that it is not the Light, but an optical illusion created by something standing in front of the Light.  That something is you — the “you” you believe you are; i.e., the ego, the body, the accumulated  dramas and beliefs that make the historic memory of you, called by your name given to you by your parents, their genetics governing your body, etc., and on and on it goes — this definition of who you believe you are. 

This is why awakening is an undoing — not a doing; a desire to no longer have all these perceptions be blocking out the Light.  In releasing them, when you decide you are ready, then joyfully turn to face the Light and say, “now this is better,  this makes much more sense.  I am much more at home with this ‘bigger picture;’  my heart opens to this and my mind is no longer limited to contradictory thought processes or dualistic thinking.  I, in fact, feel that I am as unlimited as This Light, and that being from It can come all that I once perceived I lacked, i.e., the perfect sharing of love, the perfect experience of wholeness, and the abundant receipt of all I ‘need’, in the moment the appearance of need presents itself.”  The word “need,” coming from the perception of something lacking, is a choice I, Jeshua, make purposefully, for you cannot perceive as yet of all coming to you before you actually even perceive a need; but this is, in fact, the Truth of God’s provision…that is, there is never a need — all is provided at all times and lack is never perceived.  There is never anything missing or lacking in Heaven, but your minds think it is a long way off and, in effect, keep creating it to be so because you believe that!  (Are still with me?  This is a good time to chuckle at your predicament rather than to judge it.) 

          Now, here is why, specifically, manifestation-of-abundance practices do not work as well as you would like.  First and foremost, they do not emphasize that lack is not real, not God created, and is therefore a misperception, coming from your own ancient belief in separation.  For where you believe you are separate from God, you will also believe you are either not privileged to His gifts or that you were deliberately put someplace to live without them.  This misperception must be dealt with first before you can accept His gifts as your birthright.  In essence, lack comes from a belief in separation from God and that God created lack.  Both these misperceptions are absurd and you must see the absurdity for what it is. This is why I stress at-One-ment, or what I said in my time, “I and My Father are One” — begin always here — for if you begin from the perception of separation as real, you will simply tread water and never truly swim from the old shore to the new; or, from the old false perception to what is true, real, and eternal.  Then, do you ask God for particulars, telling God what you need?  No, not really.  Not that it is wrong to do so, but this again reflects a belief in limitation and separation and that God is outside of you so that you must direct Him in His provision for you.  Instead, try this meditation:

          Close your eyes; breathe, carefully releasing tension held in the breath.  This will release tension in the mind that creates tension in the body.  Breathe deeply, for a moment or two, until you feel your diaphragm and your lungs relaxing; you feel yourself taking in a little more air and exhaling a little more air.  Do that for about a minute………………

Now, when you feel more relaxed, say to yourself this:  {Silently, in your own mind}…..

”I, who have never been separate from the Source of All Good, All Love, All Wholeness, All Perfection……
I, who am now and always have been one with God, which is Love, truly have no need.”  (Now, take another breath and release the fear and doubt of saying that.) 
“I have, instead, a perception of need or lack and an idea of how this should be corrected in my life.”  (Now, take another deep breath of release.)   
“This perception contradicts the Law of Love, which gives freely and abundantly, fulfilling every area in my life where I withdraw my projection of lack or need.  Into this space, where I have withdrawn my projection and accepted the impossibility of this contradiction, peace does enter…..and this peace does take the form most applicable to the situation.”  (Now release, through breathing, the fear that ’most applicable’ won’t be what you want it to be)…..

and then say: 

“I open to the knowledge that God’s gifts to me are far greater than mine to myself and that God’s gifts can never hurt me, nor my loved ones, in any way.” 
“I allow myself to relax into God’s Love for me..….
I accept God’s gifts because I accept my innocence of all wrongdoing..…
I accept that I have merely been dreaming a dream of separation and lack that is not real
The Love I share with God assures my safety…….
The Love I share with God assures the completeness of all areas in my life where I once perceived threat, lack, sickness and pain…….
I rest in This Perfect Love Now, and let this moment of Perfect Peace hold me in It’s certainty that All Is Well, All Is Provided. 

I Am Safe, I Am Loved.”

Now, finish with a deep breath and say: 

“I now live in the Love and Light and Perfect Peace of God.  AMEN.”

          [This exercise, if used fairly often, will enable your own connection with the Truth to shorten the message so you can use it more automatically.  Then use the longer version whenever you can.]


 A Voice Channeled Message given by Jeshua at the completion of the class.

          Beloved friends, I have said that it makes me happy when you are at peace and when you are happy, because we are then truly sharing for that moment, even if it is but an instant.  We are sharing the Kingdom of Heaven, as it is called.  But you might call it “we are sharing the truth of who we are as God’s beloved child,  beyond all perceptions of need, or for certain occurrences to happen in the world.”   We are just still a moment, in Holy Communion.  The stillness that all the Illumined ones speak of.  It is possible for this “stillness” to stretch out in time, to fill up more space and time in your life.  But it requires your willingness to sit still a moment and to let the peace which is your inheritance come to you, to rise up from within you.  Yes, you must make time to be beyond time, to be still a moment in the Truth of God.  But vigilant meditation practice is not as important as the focus which says “I am not the conflict I appear to be in.  That is the illusion.  The Peace of God lives in me and is my Reality.  I choose for that now, instead of this conflict.” 

          An exercise such as the one we have been through, will help you to practice releasing conflict; to discover the peace that abides just beyond, or underneath the conflict; the still place that the enlightened ones speak of and want very much for all of you to join them in.  In this stillness, you will find more than just stillness and peace.  It will expand to be radiant bliss.  The day will come where peace will pervade all your actions and movements, because you have practiced it and invited it to reside in place of conflict. 

          Beloved friends, when you are in peace, you are in trust and faith.  When you appear to lose your trust and faith, you will not be in peace.  It is all the same.  There are many different ways that lack of peace can show up….physical illness, not enough money, fights with your beloved, anger and judgment at yourself.  The forms are many, the solution is but one: be still an instant and ask for Holy Communion, communication with wholeness.  Ask for peace.  Choose for peace, instead of conflict.  It is always your choice, for no one can control your thoughts or make you think other than you would choose to think.  You decide what you will give power to in your mind.  Empower the good and the holy and the beautiful, the abundant, the “no opposite” to God’s perfect Will of a whole and glorious creation.  You will see this grow and manifest in your life.  If you trust me in anything, trust me in this.  I would not teach a way that I had not proven to myself worked.… [Long pause]……..

          Go then and no longer empower thoughts of lack, fear and mistrust.  Empower love, full of everything good, holy, beautiful and abundant.  And be grateful that a way has been shown to you that is easier than sitting in caves and meditating away for lifetimes.  Be happy that you can be in your world and practice these highest spiritual principles and watch them change your world as your mind is changed.  Go in peace and watch peace manifest around you in all your affairs and concerns and circumstances….  [Long pause]… 

          For now, we simply say “Thank you that the way is made easy and sure…….AMEN.”  

 © 1998 Karen Langley        (Blog Ref: TG 107)    

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