4-On Forgiveness


Beloved Friends, 

We forgive because LOVE is our Only Reality that we share with God.  I have said that  God does not need to forgive because He cannot judge (judgment has never been in His awareness), but that you do need to forgive because you believe that you have judged.   Your belief in this is also false since in Reality you cannot believe or think outside of Our Father’s awareness, being in every way like Him.  You MUST then practice forgiveness to remember your own Reality of a Love that has no opposite.  Since you also believe that there are ‘other’ people, separate from yourself, forgiving ‘them’ is the path to remembering your Oneness with ‘them’ and with Our Father.  Forgiveness is the most direct path to this remembrance of LOVE ITSELF. 

It can also be said that forgiveness unburdens you from dreams of attack on yourself or others.  Since it is intolerable for long to feel the agony of attack and guilt, likely producing more attack to try and rid yourself of this suffering, YOU MUST FORGIVE TO RESTORE YOUR OWN PEACE.  When you see forgiveness in this way you will realize that to hold onto a judgment is to incur suffering for yourself.  There is no doubt that the ego has seemed to master disguising attack as many things, i.e. justified defense, protection of yourself or your loved ones, even serving ‘gods truth’, but it is all the same and will NOT bring you peace. 

You say then, ‘what am I to do if my child is being attacked on the playground at school?’  First look at this as a ‘justified’ defense because it seems to involve someone outside yourself—both the attacker and the child.  Then remember that this appearance is false and that since no one is outside yourself (in Reality) that you must be dreaming that attack is happening to someone—to a child or a country or a religion, etc.  The more immediately that you can remember this, the more quickly you will learn to respond to all appearances of attack this way and defense will naturally seem a part of that dream as well. 

When it is seen as a dream the next step is clear–ask for healing, accept At-One-Ment with a Loving God for yourself and for your brothers and sisters who need your remembrance of this so that they too can remember.  When you feel even a small amount of peace come over you, then proceed to address the situation.  In the example of a problem at school, allowing yourself to be gently led to talk with the teacher (or whomever) and without defense or attack thoughts of your own, see how much more clearly a solution for everyone involved appears.  Perhaps once you have declared At-One-Ment (with a Loving God) for yourself the problem will have slipped away without any further involvement.  What is important is not the outcome of the situation but rather the fact that you have declared Truth to be The Truth and you have let that Truth walk before you paving the way for a Truly peaceful solution for all involved. 

As I have also said, there is only ever one problem and one solution.  Practice what I have given in these words and you will soon learn that all problems handled in the same way are quite ‘miraculously’ resolved.  When looking at a ‘natural disaster’ or what appears to be a bigger problem in your dream world, apply the above and it too will seem to quietly unburden it’s effects on you.  Having given your appearance of that problem over to the Holy Spirit, simply go about your own business and allow for the Holy Spirit’s solution no matter how long that appears to take in time.  Living this way, perceiving a problem, then giving it to the One who can truly resolve it, and then dropping it from your mind, you will find that your confidence in the Truth to heal all appearances will grow and you will feel great peace throughout your day. 

These principles of healing, miracles if you will, are not to be taken lightly.  I have done what I teach you to do having been taught them by Our Father.  To trust me is to remember Him and that as I trusted Him in all things so did I live in peace within myself and extended only peace wherever I went.  I do this still and will until the dream of attack is done in time as it is in Heaven already. 

In God’s Peace,   Amen

Jeshua  (Yourself in Christ….)

 © 2010 Karen Langley    (Blog Ref: TG 102)


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