The Aura of Christ

Dear One,

The Christ is what you already are……not that which you see in a mirror….not body or even ‘mind’ as you perceive it.  The Christ is also not in ‘each’ person as they are perceived.   The Christ is the Only Real truth of every one appearing.  This may seem confusing, but liken it to an ‘aura’ of white light around the whole earth and sky and beyond…..that aura is The Christ and the individuals appearing are dream figures pretending that the aura is not there.   Once it is realized that the aura/CHRIST is there, it is not possible to continue to perceive individual persons, even though you may remain ‘among’ that appearance in order to assist others in remembrance.  It is like a child’s game of covering ones eyes and claiming not to be in the room just because the child cannot see and pretends not to hear or feel what is around him in the room…..then proclaiming, ‘I cannot see you and you cannot see me.”  Spending ‘time’ in this game makes the world around you appear to be real and the child is now frightening himself by forgetting that he covered his own eyes and is dreaming frightening dreams instead of simply taking away his hands from his eyes.

The good news is that the child cannot make real what is not real and God, having created this as fact, is merely standing by with a gentle embrace and whispered giggle.  When the child is ready to receive this embrace and feel IT’S safety he will begin to remove his hands from covering the vision of Reality.  First this vision will come as a great relief as the beauty of the ‘happy dream’ tenderly coaxes the child to be not afraid to continue awakening…..then, …as I have said in ACIM, what is next cannot be spoken of because the Real has no words that can describe IT.   And, you will know IT!  You will remember IT!  You have brushed by IT numerous times—too numerous to count.

Take time daily to imagine yourself reclining into God’s gentle embrace as in a chair…..lying down on IT as on a bed…..feel the arms of IT enfolding you in IT’S tenderness….feel your heart beat in IT.  Be not afraid to become intimate in any way that suits you throughout your day, for as much as you can invite IT will IT make ITSELF known to you….and the Divine giggle will be shared again…. and the world of dreams will disappear into the aura of the white light of Christ… it was in the beginning, so it will be, and so it still is—this is the greatest Truth— SO IT STILL IS.

In Love Eternal,

 © 2010 Karen Langley   (Blog Ref: TG-107)


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