Claim the Light!

Jeshua once gave this teaching to a friend of Karen’s…

“You have heard many a teacher say that you have created all the circumstances that you are in and that is true of every single brother and sister, but there is only one you need to worry about healing and that is yourself.  For, as you begin to no longer blame yourself or blame others, as you seek for above all else, the peace of God, (you will find that) the light in your mind, the light in your heart, the light in your eyes will grow and extend to all those brothers and sisters…and you will need to do very little, but just to allow it but to extend through you.  But first, you must claim if for yourself.

 Stop for a moment from time to time and remember this:
 “I am the Holy Presence of Love in this moment.
I am the Holy Presence of the Son of God. 
I am the Christ and I do not know what that means, but I am willing to be shown. 
I am willing to know nothing and to be given everything. 
I will seek no longer, no longer through the means of the world. 
I will not seek through magical ways. 
I will listen specifically to my brother and to his teachings, for I have brought myself before this altar of truth. 
I will, instead of choosing to have all that I think I need come to me through magical ways, I will read these principles of miracles over and over and over and I will be miracle minded, instead of magical minded. 
I will understand that miracles are intercessions, so to speak, of right mindedness and right mindedness includes abundance, it includes forgiveness, it includes health and healing, it includes patience with my family, it includes loving and forgiving exchanges with my spouse, it includes kindness to all my brothers and sisters in the world, it includes me totally in it. 
I deserve miracles. Miracles are the way that I now discover myself.”    © 1997 Karen Langley        (Blog Ref: TG 101)    


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