Let God’s Love be the guiding Presence in your life.

On June 24, 2011, a reader asked Jeshua about NDE’s, Heaven, and Mary’s reported interventions with some believers.  The reader also wanted to know if after-life experiences were influenced by convictions and beliefs held while on earth.

You may read the entire thread by scrolling down the right side of the page and selecting the latest comment in RECENT COMMENTS. 

On July 17, 2011, Jeshua provided Dylan Suppiah this reply: 

Dear Ones,

It is most common that the experience of near death and ‘death’ contains within it references to that which you are already familiar.  This happens precisely because you are familiar and, therefore, are most often not afraid of those references that you have chosen to become familiar with.  Many may feel more comfortable with the presence of Mary than of Jesus, while in other cultures, it may be with a teacher or guru who has touched the heart and prepared the mind for such an experience.

What is important is NOT who appears, but rather the LOVE that they impart to the one who is having the experience….. for God is Love, and God would have you remember This Love and let It become the guiding Presence in your life.   For most, fear is allowed to guide the life, and God has sent many helpers in vast forms to assure His Beloved Creation that they are safe and protected by His Love at all times.

When the mind is ready for complete remembrance of Itself and It’s Creator as One, then does the experience drawn to oneself transcend the spiritual belief system and become what you might call, absolute.  Again, this does not happen in most common near-death or ‘death’ experiences, because one is not ready for such an experience.   When one is ready, the experience will happen whether there is the appearance of death or near death or a simple stroll in the park.  When the ego is no longer allowed to direct one’s ‘reality,’ then is God remembered as the Only Director desired and allowed.

It is best to allow The Holy Spirit to guide your remembrance Home through the undoing of all fastly-held belief systems.   As you do this, so will you be at peace with both the guidance and Guide, as well as, the miracles of healing that will occur. 

Eternal Joy and Peace await your remembrance!


Thank you for this question.


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