The Addiction to Ego

“The Addiction to Ego” is a timely message and complements the post, entitled “True Healing.”   NCB

Since you are aware that all appearances of conflict, suffering and sickness are actually self attack, or better said, projected guilt in the form of self attack, so then must be ‘addiction.’ It is important to also understand that the ego itself is an addiction really – it is a habit that has become so deeply convincing to you that you no longer question it as a whole and see it only in it’s parts. Addiction to cigarettes or sugar or television, sex, alcohol, or anything at all, is the ego teaching you that you have no Self control – no control through the Mind belonging to the True or Real Self.

Of course the body accommodates this projection onto it by then appearing to have an overwhelming desire for whatever it is that the ego mind tells you is your ‘crutch’, and that it must be attended to when the desire comes or this feeling of overwhelm will consume you very uncomfortably. And so it is with all the ego screams for attention to delusion and you are very accustomed to taking heed to it’s call. This is why the atonement or undoing process is given in order for you to build a trust in the actual possibility of True Healing. Yes, all these various forms of self attack are able to be healed and your faith in this will take you far – remember that there is no order of difficulty in miracles, and addictions are themselves simply temporary distractions along the way to freeing your mind back into the Truly Creative force that IT is.

Therefore, be not alarmed or concerned, but have faith that as you Join with Me as the very Christ of Yourself and accept the strength and certainty that all things can be healed by this True Faith, then it will be WILL be done!   Addictions, compulsions, neuroses, etc. are all calls for True Faith that the miracle that comes from allowing Our Father’s Will of Perfect Love to be your very own will again, WILL HEAL ALL APPEARANCES. Since we have been on this theme, this is precisely what the Resurrection is and was about – True Faith in Our Father’s Perfect Love, which can and does miraculously heal ALL appearances regardless of the steadfast belief in them.

In the meantime, do love yourselves through *True Forgiveness.  Overlook your very own beliefs in guilt and shame, sickness and death – after all, these are false idols as much as are all the ‘shiny things’ the world presents to you.  YOU are whole and perfect as YOU were created to be and STILL are.  This YOU is at-one with ME and with Our Father in whom all True Power to heal lies. Let NOT any substance, emotion – good or bad, shiny or ugly thing of this world tell you that it has greater power than the True Power of Our Father’s whole and perfect Creation.  Resist not these temptations only further empowering them, but rather, give them to ME who knows the True Power of YOU, and I will help you help yourself to remember that there is no actual or real power in the false or ego mind at all.  This is my purpose with you after all!  To remind you of precisely who YOU are and the power that lies within this YOU that we share as the One and Only Christ Creation of Love.

Be ‘of good cheer’ oh, happy learner – give to me all that would appear to hurt you and I will show you, remind you that it has no power and that you have no need of it at all!

Amen   -J-

* For an excellent and practical view of TRUE FORGIVENSS, please go to the Home Page post entitled “Remembering Heaven”  which discusses True Forgiveness.  Although not specifically entitled as such, the four easy steps Jesus give us to use on a daily basis, as well as whenever the need arises, lays a solid foundation to apply True Forgiveness whenever the “correction”is sought after or accepted.      Norbert (NCB)



Nothing has any effects in the dream because Love is the only Cause.

 This is Jeshua’s message of April 12, 2011.  The full title is: Nothing has any effects in the dream because Love is the only Cause.  Included here is the impact of this Truth as it relates to the crucifixion and the Resurrection”  is a NEW PAGE added to Jeshua’s Gems.  Look for it in the sidebar under “TEACHING GEMS,”  or read it here. 

 ‘For God so loved the world’ that he sent ones to awaken within themselves and thus awaken the world; to usher in a happy dream of Love/Innocence; to heal/overcome dreams of despair and destruction.  Our friend (name withheld) has fought the ‘good fight’ of the warrior for justice many, many times.  Now he sees that justice is Love, God’s Love and all that is good, holy and beautiful.  This is the only ‘worthy’ cause because it is the ONLY CAUSE.  Only God’s Love will ever be the True Cause of anything real and only It’s creations remain!

There are no effects of dreaming that will ever be real.   God’s Love creates only like Itself, and anything unlike Itself is a dream and therefore false, unreal, and having no effects at all, including guilt.  Guilt could only be real if a ‘wrong’ choice was actually real.  A wrong choice equals nothing and has no effects at all.  Therefore, there is nothing to forgive as the dream defines forgiveness, but rather there is an overlooking now of what seemed to have been real.  NOT SO….it is not so….there are no effects from dreaming.

Remember that God has already overlooked all error and This is true innocence….NO ERROR HAS OCCURED.  As you practice this it will free you and return you to the joyous extension of God’s Love.   Overlook also any dreams of retribution, for only if you believe that God’s Son has erred could you also make real retribution to you.  Here again, no effects from dreaming are real and those that seem so vanish through forgiveness.


 A note from Karen.  As this information was received, it was accompanied by numerous thoughts “streaming in,” some of which are included here to correct some popularly held misconceptions surrounding Jeshua’s crucifixion and resurrection.  Throughout the crucifixion ordeal, Jeshua maintained The Innocence of God’s Son, His Brothers.  Since He saw ONLY innocence, He did not perceive himself as being attacked and therefore no sacrifice was necessary.  This explains HOW He was able to be resurrected.  And yes, He did teach this in the 40 days that followed.  He demonstrated ‘no grievance’ because He knew that grievance reinforces forgetting.  No sacrifice was/is necessary and it can now be stressed that He did NOT sacrifice for humanity, which He refers to as the Sonship.  He demonstrated for all that seeing innocence could in fact be maintained, no matter how severe the apparent brutality.   He ‘proved’ that God overcomes apparent body solidity, even under the appearance of suffering and death.  Jeshua rose to prove mind over matter, that is, MIND over body or Innocence/Love over judgment/fear.  Essentially, the Resurrection was His teaching, as well as, His mission here, to demonstrate that this world is a dream, where nothing appearing in the dream has any consequence and proves conclusively the innocence of all His Brothers (the Sonship) who remain forever as God created.

© 2011 Karen Langley

The dream of awakening is ‘a dream within a dream’

The Christ Mind is One, no matter how many different names we express through, for there is only One state of Mind to rejoin. The word ‘rejoin’ only refers to those who believe they have UNjoined. Into this impossible dream come the voices of many teachers who for a time entered the dream themselves in order to awaken and bring with them those who believe they forgot and therefore sleep.

Let us speak of this belief for a moment—the belief in forgetting.

How insane is the thought that one can forget his own identity–an identity so vast and unencumbered by any appearing boundary or border? Who could forget something so dearly loved as to be created One with Itself, held perfectly in place within One’s Own Heart—a Love so all encompassing and boundless forever? Who could forget? No One! No One! That is why the forgetting is a dream, a mirage, an illusion that you have decorated with ‘jewels’ of adversity and lies, special favor and personal uniqueness and prowess. There is no such thing but in a dream. Therefore there is no such thing at all, no such ‘being.’

All True Being is in God, so unfathomably beautiful and holy that a need to alter It is ludicrous, laughable. Stop making dreams real, including a dream of waking! The veil that appears to hide you from Yourself is as thin and easily torn away as you make it be. If I tell you that it is only difficult because you allow it to be, YOU MUST HEAR ME! I speak to you in a way you can understand. In your mind, a dreaming mind, you have made an obstacle to remembrance. It is called ‘ego,’ but ego is NOT REAL–it cannot be real because it is an attempt to hide Heaven, your own True Reality from yourself. All ‘ego’ is a dream placed between a ‘you’ appearing in that dream and the Real You, which is All of Love Forever and cannot truly be hidden by anyone or anything.

I have warned of ‘a dream of awakening’—a dream within a dream. Such a dream can only be another attempt to hide Reality from yourself. Absurdly, you take my call to waken and pretend you are dreaming that call! In Truth you are hearing my voice precisely and perfectly! Do not turn my voice into another dream to hide Our Father’s Love from yourself for one more instant! Believe me that many, many are on the cusp of remembrance now—it is certain. Allow My certainty in your remembrance to steer you clear of the veil (ego) that you placed before you in a dream of ‘hide and go seek’. The hiding and seeking BOTH are but dreams!!!

Be content and joyous to simply accept this now. My voice is your voice calling to you to waken and to send our message forth to those to whom you have been directed. We Are ALL One Child of The God of Love. It has always been so, no exceptions ever. Forgetting is a dream. It did not happen. Choose to waken now. Amen

© 2011 Karen Langley


Never Trust Perception

An insight shared by Karen Langley, Sep 28, 2010

Dearest Friends,

I am humbled AGAIN by the part that my relationships with others is playing in this awakening. How many times does it need to be said that everyone, that is EVERYONE, is bringing to us the absolutely, that is the ABSOLUTELY, perfect….PERFECT, chance for profound healing and remembrance!!! Along with them comes all the information, filtered through my own false perception, that I need to forgive (overlook) in order to ‘pass through the eye of the needle’ without my ‘baggage.’   The teacher I may come to be most grateful for is likely standing, laying, screaming, sleeping, dancing, attacking, defending, etc., right in front of me.

Knowing nothing yet again 🙂


© 2010 Karen Langley   (Blog Ref: GR 103) 

Remembering Heaven


Although Jeshua’s teachings never change, he restates them in various ways to enhance the learning process.  One of the early teachings given Karen is that True Forgiveness is a way to bring Light to every encounter and endeavor.  This is one way to help us remember we are only love and to see only love.  Here are the four simple steps he gives us to begin our day or to stop and do whenever the need arises or when the day seems difficult.  You might view this as an expanded format for “accepting the correction.” (Excerpt from 1st Mtg. re. Book Project, given to KL, 9/23/98)

One.  Make time daily to open yourself to the Love of God; to be led in every moment of your life; to be an extension of love, a receiver of love, a bringer, a teacher, a “be-er” of love.
“Father, I open to Your Love.  Pause now, be still and join.  As I see that You lead me in every moment of my life, I accept that  I too am an extension of love, a receiver of love, a bringer, a teacher, a ‘be-er’ of love.” 

Second.  When you feel that there is something occurring that does not feel like love, remind yourself that this must be an obstacle to love’s presence. Acknowledge that if there is an obstacle, you are seeing what is not there.  You are misperceiving.  You are letting something in your own mind stand between you and love.  You must then ask for help. Simply accept the correction of this.

Father, this issue re.  ____________ is showing up as an obstacle to love’s presence.  I must be seeing something that is not there.  I must be allowing something in my own mind to stand between me and Love.  I now accept the correction of this.”

Third.   Simply allow for the obstacle to be removed.  By affirming that you are willing to be corrected, that you are willing to forgive the appearance (of an obstacle to love), to forgive yourself, to forgive the world you think you see, then all you need do is step back and allow for the undoing You may feel any or all of these–a sense of relief or a burden being lifted; a light-filled mind and or heart; a movement forward in peace; an acceptance that all is well and will be healed in the perfect time;  or a deep need to rest.  If none of these seem to occur, proceed to the next step anyway, knowing that all calls for help are always answered.

Lastly, having received of this healing, a miracle, a correction of perception, simply give thanks that before you has been laid out a very easy way to return to heaven’s remembrance, which cannot be denied you as God’s perfect and whole creation.
“Thank you Father for providing me with an easy way to return to Heaven’s Remembrance and for sharing Your Plan to waken from the dream of separation. I accept that fear and  guilt are not real, because sin is not real.”


Follow up with this prayer to apply certainty  to the UNDOING (Jeshua 02/01) Focus on gratitude for being One with God.  Allow it to build until you are filled with gratitude, then say:
Thank you Father, for there is no sin.  (The belief in sin arose from the guilt/fear experienced when we accepted the insane notion that we became separate from God/Love, a thought that literally drove us out of our Right Mind.)
Thank you Father, for there is no separation.  (The idea that a separation from Love was possible resulted in the appearance of the dream.)
Thank you Father, for I accept it (or this dream) as undone in time, as it is already undone out of time in You and now in me, in all Truth, in all Awareness.  I let it be undone in this situation as it is in You already.
NO EFFECTS OF THIS ARE REAL.  As it is in You, so it is in me.   Thank You, Father.

Holy Spirit, I rest in You and let myself be healed.  I am willing to become TRULY willing to have my belief in the dream of a separate self from Love be undone in me.  Be still for a moment and receive True Healing.  Without attack, I lovingly offer my brothers, the Christ, what I have received.  I rest from attack upon myself that the world be healed.

© 1997 Karen Langley