True Healing

TRUE Healing requires TRUE Willingness

There is no way to ‘force’ healing, for healing, rightly understood is UNDOING.  Healing that does not include a willingness to let the dream of a separate self fall away is temporary at best and tragic at worst.  Therefore, if you desire to be under my guidance, or the guidance of the Holy Spirit, then you must come to realize that you cannot be in charge of healing, for you can NOT actually know when you are being TRULY willing to be healed.  The ego employs many tricks and diversions when it comes to its ways of ‘healing’, but my ONLY goal is True Healing that frees you from an ancient dream of believing that you are a separate self from Love.

If you experience that you are not being Truly Healed, then simply ask ‘what is true willingness?‘  This is one of those questions where likely you will feel some discomfort, precisely because the separate dream self has no desire to know true willingness, just as it has no desire to experience True Healing.  Therefore, notice your discomfort at not knowing what true willingness is and then simply respond thus:  “I am willing to become TRULY willing to have my belief in the dream of a separate self from Love be undone in me.”   True Healing WILL follow as your resistance to it decreases.    Amen  -J-


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