The Addiction to Ego

“The Addiction to Ego” is a timely message and complements the post, entitled “True Healing.”   NCB

Since you are aware that all appearances of conflict, suffering and sickness are actually self attack, or better said, projected guilt in the form of self attack, so then must be ‘addiction.’ It is important to also understand that the ego itself is an addiction really – it is a habit that has become so deeply convincing to you that you no longer question it as a whole and see it only in it’s parts. Addiction to cigarettes or sugar or television, sex, alcohol, or anything at all, is the ego teaching you that you have no Self control – no control through the Mind belonging to the True or Real Self.

Of course the body accommodates this projection onto it by then appearing to have an overwhelming desire for whatever it is that the ego mind tells you is your ‘crutch’, and that it must be attended to when the desire comes or this feeling of overwhelm will consume you very uncomfortably. And so it is with all the ego screams for attention to delusion and you are very accustomed to taking heed to it’s call. This is why the atonement or undoing process is given in order for you to build a trust in the actual possibility of True Healing. Yes, all these various forms of self attack are able to be healed and your faith in this will take you far – remember that there is no order of difficulty in miracles, and addictions are themselves simply temporary distractions along the way to freeing your mind back into the Truly Creative force that IT is.

Therefore, be not alarmed or concerned, but have faith that as you Join with Me as the very Christ of Yourself and accept the strength and certainty that all things can be healed by this True Faith, then it will be WILL be done!   Addictions, compulsions, neuroses, etc. are all calls for True Faith that the miracle that comes from allowing Our Father’s Will of Perfect Love to be your very own will again, WILL HEAL ALL APPEARANCES. Since we have been on this theme, this is precisely what the Resurrection is and was about – True Faith in Our Father’s Perfect Love, which can and does miraculously heal ALL appearances regardless of the steadfast belief in them.

In the meantime, do love yourselves through *True Forgiveness.  Overlook your very own beliefs in guilt and shame, sickness and death – after all, these are false idols as much as are all the ‘shiny things’ the world presents to you.  YOU are whole and perfect as YOU were created to be and STILL are.  This YOU is at-one with ME and with Our Father in whom all True Power to heal lies. Let NOT any substance, emotion – good or bad, shiny or ugly thing of this world tell you that it has greater power than the True Power of Our Father’s whole and perfect Creation.  Resist not these temptations only further empowering them, but rather, give them to ME who knows the True Power of YOU, and I will help you help yourself to remember that there is no actual or real power in the false or ego mind at all.  This is my purpose with you after all!  To remind you of precisely who YOU are and the power that lies within this YOU that we share as the One and Only Christ Creation of Love.

Be ‘of good cheer’ oh, happy learner – give to me all that would appear to hurt you and I will show you, remind you that it has no power and that you have no need of it at all!

Amen   -J-

* For an excellent and practical view of TRUE FORGIVENSS, please go to the Home Page post entitled “Remembering Heaven”  which discusses True Forgiveness.  Although not specifically entitled as such, the four easy steps Jesus give us to use on a daily basis, as well as whenever the need arises, lays a solid foundation to apply True Forgiveness whenever the “correction”is sought after or accepted.      Norbert (NCB)



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