“Re. Appearances in Today’s World.”

A Timely Message Regarding Appearances in Today’s Worldis a NEW PAGE added to Jeshua’s Gems and is the first entry in response to Jeshua’s offer to address issues submitted by readers.  Look for it in the sidebar under “Q & A for JESHUA,”  or read it here. 

Note: Now readers may ask a question directly of Jeshua.  To ask him a question, simply scroll down to “Leave a Reply,” and pose the question in the area provided.  Please do not ask a question of a personal nature or issue.  Rather, the issue should address a topic about anything worldly or ‘other worldly’ and which you feel most readers of the blog could relate to.  Karen Langley will communicate your question or issue to Jeshua and his reply will be posted in a new page with an appropriate title.  The author of this blog reserves the right to ignore issues or questions that may tend to abuse this offer.

 A Timely Message Regarding Appearances in Today’s World

 In October of 2010, Jeshua invited members of our Course Group to submit questions to him which he would answer in the blog.  Shortly thereafter, the following question was submitted, followed by Jeshua’s response.  Although the question was posed approximately six months ago, (Current date: Apr 7, 2011) and despite the fact that the addition of the words “Japan and Libya” could easily have been included, but were yet to develop, the response is as timely now as it was then. 

QUESTION for JeshuaSubmitted Thursday Oct 14, 2010 

Almost everyone is being affected by the economic downturn of the last 2 years. The global economy is on the verge of collapse by some accounts. In our country, joblessness seems to be at a standstill near 10%. Governments at all levels are being pressured by decreased revenues, which causes them to increase taxes on those who can least afford the additional burden. Every family I know appears to struggling to keep their nose above the water, so to speak.  My question(s):

  1. What approach can course students take to “remember” in the midst of this turmoil ?
  2. What is your view of the significance of this world-wide situation?
  3. What can our brothers, who are unaware they are dreaming this, find in this challenge?

 JESHUA’s reply received through Karen Langley on Fri, Oct 15, 2010

 Dear One,

Just as there is no order of difficulty in miracles, neither is there any dream with more or less importance. All dreams are either used for remembering or used for forgetting. In ACIM each lesson is designed so that no one will be the judge of which situation appearing is important and which is not. Dreams can be blatantly obvious misperceptions of Reality or they can be so subtle as not to be noticed at all. This is why I tell you that no one in the dream can be a guide out of the dream.  Only The Guide appointed for you by Our Eternally Loving Father can Truly see and know the use for dreams.

You would become exceedingly more comfortable moment to moment in this awakening time if you simply resign from being one-who-knows. Appearances are all false and when you accept this deeply within yourself, you will find some disturbance, but mostly you will find Peace. The disturbance will only be while you surrender to just how complete this must be in order for you to be free. Remember simply this: the ‘ego’s discomfort while undoing does not matter. Remembering and living the sweet, joyous, state of being, given by Our Father in the beginning and forever more is The Goal!

Also accepting that all appearances are here for you to bring to TRUE forgiveness. Please re-visit the sections in ACIM on forgiveness to help you remember that NOTHING you see is TRUE, and because it is not, you simply overlook it in favor of The Holy Spirit’s corrected vision for you. I will add that for SOME this may seem more difficult than it does for others. Be kind to yourself and accept that each part played in The Holy Spirit’s Plan of Atonement is precisely directed by the Real You—the You that is already The Christ and forever will be.

Realize right now that if it seems a hard struggle for you to do what must be done in denying ALL illusions, so will you be a perfect channel for the Joy of God when others are ready to take their remembrance journey. You will be entirely able to relate to what they believe is difficult and to demonstrate that it can be done for you have done it! The very struggle reflected in your questions can be over right now…..again, by not placing any of your own importance on appearances at all, but asking The Holy Spirit to use each and every illusion to show you what you truly desire beyond dreams.

Abiding in Forever Grace along with You,

SUMMARY OF REPLIES (Provided by Karen Langley)

 Q.  What approach can Course students take to “remember” in the midst of this turmoil ?

Answer: By OVERLOOKING all illusions in favor of the HS’s vision.

 Q.   What is your view of the significance of this world-wide situation?

Answer: By the simple repetition of all situations in the world being a dream no matter what or to whom is viewing it.

 Q.  What can our brothers, who are unaware they are dreaming this, find in this challenge? 

Answer‘When others are ready to take their remembrance journey’, assumes that all eventually will take the journey, and each one is already assigned to a helper—you being one of those helpers who will be able to relate to the ones who believe it is so hard.

 © 2011 Karen Langley


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