The dream of awakening is ‘a dream within a dream’

The Christ Mind is One, no matter how many different names we express through, for there is only One state of Mind to rejoin. The word ‘rejoin’ only refers to those who believe they have UNjoined. Into this impossible dream come the voices of many teachers who for a time entered the dream themselves in order to awaken and bring with them those who believe they forgot and therefore sleep.

Let us speak of this belief for a moment—the belief in forgetting.

How insane is the thought that one can forget his own identity–an identity so vast and unencumbered by any appearing boundary or border? Who could forget something so dearly loved as to be created One with Itself, held perfectly in place within One’s Own Heart—a Love so all encompassing and boundless forever? Who could forget? No One! No One! That is why the forgetting is a dream, a mirage, an illusion that you have decorated with ‘jewels’ of adversity and lies, special favor and personal uniqueness and prowess. There is no such thing but in a dream. Therefore there is no such thing at all, no such ‘being.’

All True Being is in God, so unfathomably beautiful and holy that a need to alter It is ludicrous, laughable. Stop making dreams real, including a dream of waking! The veil that appears to hide you from Yourself is as thin and easily torn away as you make it be. If I tell you that it is only difficult because you allow it to be, YOU MUST HEAR ME! I speak to you in a way you can understand. In your mind, a dreaming mind, you have made an obstacle to remembrance. It is called ‘ego,’ but ego is NOT REAL–it cannot be real because it is an attempt to hide Heaven, your own True Reality from yourself. All ‘ego’ is a dream placed between a ‘you’ appearing in that dream and the Real You, which is All of Love Forever and cannot truly be hidden by anyone or anything.

I have warned of ‘a dream of awakening’—a dream within a dream. Such a dream can only be another attempt to hide Reality from yourself. Absurdly, you take my call to waken and pretend you are dreaming that call! In Truth you are hearing my voice precisely and perfectly! Do not turn my voice into another dream to hide Our Father’s Love from yourself for one more instant! Believe me that many, many are on the cusp of remembrance now—it is certain. Allow My certainty in your remembrance to steer you clear of the veil (ego) that you placed before you in a dream of ‘hide and go seek’. The hiding and seeking BOTH are but dreams!!!

Be content and joyous to simply accept this now. My voice is your voice calling to you to waken and to send our message forth to those to whom you have been directed. We Are ALL One Child of The God of Love. It has always been so, no exceptions ever. Forgetting is a dream. It did not happen. Choose to waken now. Amen

© 2011 Karen Langley



2 thoughts on “The dream of awakening is ‘a dream within a dream’

  1. Thank you, Karen and Jeshua for this amazing and timely message. If ever you needed proof of your “usefulness” in this process of our awakening, this is it. The honesty you bring to sharing your awakening journey is love in action. I understand the self-questioning….isn’t that a part of climbing out of our dream?…but don’t ever question the gift you bring to the rest of us….gratefully, Becca

  2. I found that after reading this message , by simply going to a quiet place within for a few moments of meditation, questions that came to mind were simply answered during loving impressions from Jeshua./Holy Spirit. Perhaps you would too.
    It occured to me that this appoach might be a very helpful way to get the most from any of the messages from Jeshua posted on this site. Perhaps it would be a useful way to start any day. Let me know what you experience,
    Love and Peace,

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