Remembering Heaven

Although Jeshua’s teachings never change, he restates them in various ways to enhance the learning process.  One of the early teachings given Karen is that True Forgiveness is a way to bring Light to every encounter and endeavor.  This is one way to help us remember we are only love and to see only love.  Here are the four simple steps he gives us to begin our day or to stop and do whenever the need arises or when the day seems difficult.  You might view this as an expanded format for “accepting the correction.” (Excerpt from 1st Mtg. re. Book Project, given to KL, 9/23/98)

One.  Make time daily to open yourself to the Love of God; to be led in every moment of your life; to be an extension of love, a receiver of love, a bringer, a teacher, a “be-er” of love.
“Father, I open to Your Love.  Pause now, be still and join.  As I see that You lead me in every moment of my life, I accept that  I too am an extension of love, a receiver of love, a bringer, a teacher, a ‘be-er’ of love.” 

Second.  When you feel that there is something occurring that does not feel like love, remind yourself that this must be an obstacle to love’s presence. Acknowledge that if there is an obstacle, you are seeing what is not there.  You are misperceiving.  You are letting something in your own mind stand between you and love.  You must then ask for help. Simply accept the correction of this.

Father, this issue re.  ____________ is showing up as an obstacle to love’s presence.  I must be seeing something that is not there.  I must be allowing something in my own mind to stand between me and Love.  I now accept the correction of this.”

Third.   Simply allow for the obstacle to be removed.  By affirming that you are willing to be corrected, that you are willing to forgive the appearance (of an obstacle to love), to forgive yourself, to forgive the world you think you see, then all you need do is step back and allow for the undoing You may feel any or all of these–a sense of relief or a burden being lifted; a light-filled mind and or heart; a movement forward in peace; an acceptance that all is well and will be healed in the perfect time;  or a deep need to rest.  If none of these seem to occur, proceed to the next step anyway, knowing that all calls for help are always answered.

Lastly, having received of this healing, a miracle, a correction of perception, simply give thanks that before you has been laid out a very easy way to return to heaven’s remembrance, which cannot be denied you as God’s perfect and whole creation.
“Thank you Father for providing me with an easy way to return to Heaven’s Remembrance and for sharing Your Plan to waken from the dream of separation. I accept that fear and  guilt are not real, because sin is not real.”


Follow up with this prayer to apply certainty  to the UNDOING (Jeshua 02/01) Focus on gratitude for being One with God.  Allow it to build until you are filled with gratitude, then say:
Thank you Father, for there is no sin.  (The belief in sin arose from the guilt/fear experienced when we accepted the insane notion that we became separate from God/Love, a thought that literally drove us out of our Right Mind.)
Thank you Father, for there is no separation.  (The idea that a separation from Love was possible resulted in the appearance of the dream.)
Thank you Father, for I accept it (or this dream) as undone in time, as it is already undone out of time in You and now in me, in all Truth, in all Awareness.  I let it be undone in this situation as it is in You already.
NO EFFECTS OF THIS ARE REAL.  As it is in You, so it is in me.   Thank You, Father.

Holy Spirit, I rest in You and let myself be healed.  I am willing to become TRULY willing to have my belief in the dream of a separate self from Love be undone in me.  Be still for a moment and receive True Healing.  Without attack, I lovingly offer my brothers, the Christ, what I have received.  I rest from attack upon myself that the world be healed.

© 1997 Karen Langley


3 thoughts on “Remembering Heaven

  1. This is great that you are making this step. It can be very transformative to see what comes through you and willingly release to the world in Love.

  2. Blessings again Karen and Norbert. I received word of your blog from Jim Whitbeck, and wish you all the best.

    I am in Noosa, Australia now on yet another world tour shining Jeshua’s Love & Light! I have been in 26 countries since 1991 and 49 US States, and it is pure Joy!!!

    Love & Hugs,


    • David,
      Thank you for your encouraging words and blessings for the part you are playing in Jeshua’a Great Crusade.
      I hope you will consider subscribing to the blog so we can keep you posted of new posts and pages by email. And of course, pass this on to those you think might find it useful.
      All the blessings in remembrance.

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